Buying a New vs. Used Vehicle

Purchase Your Next Vehicle From Us!

With a wide variety of vehicles to access, there’s bound to be a vehicle for you here at Lally Ford. Our inventories for both New and Used vehicles are equally packed, so the only thing you’ll have to decide is which kind is best for you. Whether your buying a newer vehicle, or a pre-owned one, learn more about each type so you can make the best decision for yourself!

A brand-new vehicle is worth purchasing for multiple reasons. Not just in terms of quality assurance, but for financial reasons as well.

  • Build and Price: When ordering a new vehicle, you can pick and choose the trim-levels you want, as well as the features and accessories you want to be included with it. This gives you the freedom to have the exact precise vehicle you want.
  • Low financing rates: Despite higher price ranges for most new vehicles, your financing rates typically have little to no interest attached to them!
  • Better warranty: Most vehicles have an odometer range for the warranty so purchasing brand-new saves you more money for maintenance because you’re well within range.
  • Peace of mind: You’ll never have to worry about quality because you’re purchasing the vehicle brand-new with no previous ownership! It’s just coming straight out of the factory and right into our dealership.
  • The latest tech: With technology becoming more sophisticated in newer models, and more safety features becoming standardized by the government, you’ll have the latest and greatest installed.

Pre-owned vehicles are some of the most financially feasible vehicles to purchase. They’re both affordable and just as impressive.

  • Thoroughly inspected: You’ll have the same kind of quality assurance with buying a used vehicle just as much as a new one. This is because each used vehicle goes through a 140-point inspection by our highly-skilled service technicians before we sell it on our lot.
  • Discontinued models: There’s a great chance that you’ll find a fantastic model discontinued by a manufacturer, so you’ll have the opportunity to find a vehicle that’s truly unique.
  • Depreciation: The depreciation of a used vehicle lowers over time, so you can sell the vehicle after a few years without losing a lot of equity over time.
  • Certified Programs: Much like our thorough inspections, our certified programs for used Fords ensures everything is maintained and inspected by the manufacturer’s standards and practices.
  • Even more savings: Not only would you save more money by buying a used vehicle, but also with registration fees, insurance, repairs and maintenance, customization costs, and more!