Customer Testimonials

Our customers in sales and service will often receive a phone call after their visit asking them to describe their experience at Lally Ford. The surveys are performed by an unbiased party and here are some of the things they’ve had to say about us:

“Don was a great salesperson to deal with. I have bought 4 or 5 vehicles from him and plan on buying more. Tanya in service is amazing as well. You could not ask for a better dealership to deal with.”

“I traveled to Belle River in October and had my sister, Christine Perron, make an appointment to have my front brakes done on my 2011 Fiesta, as the parts were not available in Labrador. This was my second or third visit to Lally Ford. I would like to send a big Thank You to Tanya Deubel for her courtesy and professionalism. The service given me was exemplary and I look forward to my next visit, preferably to purchase a new vehicle.”

“Awesome service! When I decided to purchase the Escape, the very friendly staff made sure I knew how everything worked on the vehicle before I drove away! That meant a lot to me.”

“Nothing better than a car picked up at work with a loaner waiting in case it’s needed; followed by a return delivery. All of this within 5-6 hours!”

“The sales reps and managers were extremely friendly and kind. They did everything in their power to make sure that I was comfortable – both with the vehicle and the price of it. They made it very low pressure, no hassling or speed sale techniques were used. By far the best experience I have had buying a vehicle.”

“Very positive experience. Adam, Lee and Jamie went out of their way to address our needs. Thank you.”

“They always do a good job when I have to bring my car in. I don’t have anything bad to say. I have never had a bad experience.”

“It was great. We’ve never had a problem there. They’re very courteous. They do their job and they do it quite well.”

“Lally’s is more than an exceptional dealership and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Everything’s great: the service, Rita, the mechanics and the rest of the staff. I haven’t had a complaint for them and I’ve been dealing with them for 10 years now. I wouldn’t deal with the dealers in Windsor. I had my car towed deliberately from Windsor to Lally Ford. Lally’s is excellent, I wouldn’t deal with anyone else and I send all of my friends there every possible chance I get. My wife and my sons deal there too, so we’re very proud. You can put an A+ on Lally service. I’m completely happy with them.”

“Lally is a very welcoming business. We were made to feel like family. Our sales manager Ron Oglan and the salesperson Rob Luby were very slow, yet thorough and handled our questions accordingly. A very pleasant experience!”

“The salesman was very informative. I told him what I wanted and they went looking and searched and they found the vehicle that I wanted.”

“I was pleased with the loaner that you gave me to use while my car was being fixed. The quick identification of the problem and the subsequent repair were done timely. I also really appreciated the fact that my car was washed and cleaned upon my pick up!!”

“Exceeded expectations. Just the courtesy that they show you there and they explain everything. It’s just always a good experience.”

“I have never had any problems. Every time I take it in for an oil change, Rita at the service desk always helps me to set different things on the dashboard that I didn’t understand.”

“I have nothing but good things to say about them. They took care of it all and they do a good job.”

“They always exceed my expectations. They know me now. They treat me well and I appreciate that. I have to drive 35 miles to go there to have my car serviced. I don’t go anywhere else.”

“They’re all just really friendly and helpful and they got whatever needed to be done quick. So I was happy.”

“It’s a pleasure dealing with Lally Ford. I’m treated with respect and the work gets done properly every time my truck goes in for service. I’m moving out of the area soon and I am going to keep going for my service at Lally even though it’s almost an hour’s drive.”

“They did a fine job. They called us and let us know what was going on. They even washed the car.”

“This is the fifth pickup I got in a row. I get one every two years with the same dealership so I have no problems with the dealership at all.”

“Lally is a good spot. I enjoy the people there. Just that they’re friendly and outgoing. They’re knowledgeable. They answer the questions that you have and it’s always a pleasant experience. Especially their service department. I’m really happy with their service department.”

“Everything was excellent. The salesman was very good. Took care of everything. Couldn’t ask for more.”

“It has always been a pleasure dealing with Lally. Joe Schmidt is an excellent representative of the quality service given by Lally. I would and will recommend Lally Tilbury.”

“I can say that they always have excellent service. The ladies at the desk are very good. They’re courteous. They try to work with you. I’ve been happy since I’ve switched over to Lally Sales and Service.”

“It exceeds my expectations. They took such good care of me. I was going to be there for an hour, so they brought me a car, took me over to Tim Horton’s for an hour and picked me up. I was pretty happy about that. Just the whole thing was great. They really treat you good when you walk in. They take good care of you, make sure they take your keys and bring you out to your car when it’s serviced. I was treated better there than I have been in a lot of places.”

“My salesperson was Kathy Pluck. I had emailed her exactly what I was looking for and when I pulled up for my appointment, it was there waiting for me. It was perfect and there was no need to try another. Wouldn’t trust anyone else with such a big purchase.”

“The salesman Joe Schmidt was very, very good. I went in just to kind of see what was up and ended up leasing a new car. As soon as I come in with something they look after me. Everything was wonderful. I don’t have one complaint.”

“Kathy Pluck sold us our new Explorer and she made the experience that much better. I have never been so excited about a new vehicle. Thank you Kathy.”

“To me they are excellent. They’re right up front with what happened. They gave me a loaner car. I was very satisfied with that. They needed more time with the vehicle. They explained it to me what the problem was. I was in a position to say yes you can have the car for a long period of time. They said it was for the best for me that they kept the car longer. Assuming that it would take more time for them to check it out for what they were doing to it. When I picked the car up I was quite satisfied with whatever they did to it.”

“I am so pleased with Lally. They picked up my vehicle at work and returned it a few hours later while leaving me with a loaner- It’s a great service!!”

“Exceeded my expectations. The friendliness of the staff and the friendliness of the salespeople when you’re sitting there waiting.”

“They picked it up and brought it back. It was very good all the way around.”

“They came to my house and picked it up. They have a Gas N Go program, so what happens is they come to my house and they leave me a loaner car and they pick my car up. They service my car, and then they bring my car back to me. Then, they take the loaner car back and the service manager calls me either during or right after to give me the response of how the Flex was and what they all did to it. It exceeded my expectations because of the fact that they come to my house and pick it up. I don’t have to go to the dealership with young kids.”

“Kelly was great. She introduced us to the EcoBoost engine, which is what we bought.”

“Dealing with Kathy Pluck at Lally’s made the purchase of our new Escape Limited so seamless. There wasn’t a ripple to be found in the process from start to finish. My wife and I had several vehicles we wanted to drive. Kathy brought them all up front and when we made our decision, she gave us all of the info regarding that vehicle so we could make an even better informed decision. Kathy’s knowledge of the Ford lineup is incredible. And she has great support from the sales manager, Lee Beckstead. My wife and I refuse to deal with anyone else. These two obviously work very well together and when they leave, so will my business. GREAT JOB, GREAT VEHICLE, 100 PERCENT SATISFIED.”

“Just a great stop at the service counter. They did exactly what they said they would do. It was done in the time they said they would do.”

“Excellent service and atmosphere and well worth the drive to Tilbury.”

“Excellent customer service reps in the maintenance shop… Very thorough and on the ball.”

“Tanya is doing the best as always. She makes it very enjoyable to book an appointment and when you return to pickup your truck, she explains everything in detail.”

“I must say that I feel extremely welcome in their service department and have always felt so. They have never refused me anything, even when I have simply pulled in with a question or concern. I especially want to thank Tanya, who has consistently re-assured me and clearly explained things to me so I understand exactly what is going on with my Fiesta. And, of course, I must acknowledge the service department and the special car wash I now get. I have had the car for a year and have never washed the outside yet… Shame on me.”

“The staff was GREAT and our experience was AWESOME!”

“I had tried to get a service done while on a cross-Canada journey, but was not staying in any one spot long enough for a dealer to accommodate me. The first service done on the vehicle was at 14,160 km. I was pleasantly surprised when I called Lally Ford and they took me in the next day. I had driven from Labrador to British Columbia and was on the way home. The staff were extremely courteous and professional. The dealership was very nice. I would have no problem dealing with Lally Ford again or recommending them. A thoroughly enjoyable experience.”

“They seem pretty efficient and customer courtesy is great. They’re all around a good dealership.”

“Always a pleasure to deal with someone that knows exactly what I want and takes the time to find it. Joe is that person. Joe takes the time to actually listen to every detail that you want and don’t want and then next thing you know… he has my new Escape waiting for me. Everything is upfront and open, no hidden surprises and “BS.” I guess that’s why this is my 3rd Escape that I’ve purchased from Joe. My fiancee also purchases his trucks from Joe as well. We both appreciate the attention to all the little things… like how to use the navigation system or the phone. I enjoy my mini-lessons. Jamie was great to deal with as well in the finance end. He made everything very quick and simple and had all the answers to all my questions. All and all, my experience was GREAT! FABULOUS!”

“I did exceed my expectations. I liked that they were able to listen and do up the paperwork the way I wanted to. They matched the price that I wanted too, so they were pretty good. I will definitely buy another car from that dealership. They were extremely good to me. They get my A+”

“They’ve always been great. I can’t think of anything better that they can do. I just think they were a good company to deal with.”

“Everything is good. The service there has to be one of the best that I’ve ever dealt with.”

“I’ve been dealing with them since they’ve been in business. Everything they always do for me is quite pleasant.”

“Very friendly staff including the driver who picked up my vehicle. I highly recommend this dealership.”

“I cancelled my appointment with Performance Ford in Windsor and booked with Lally knowing that Lally always meets my expectations!! Top job!!”

“We are happy with the service we get from Lally’s. The people are very friendly and are fun to talk to.”

“We had a great experience dealing with Lally Ford. Kathy, Jamie and Adam are great!”

“I’d say it was definitely an excellent experience. Everything went well with the people who I worked with there. They explained everything perfectly. Actually, I think they went out of their way to explain things. It was just an enjoyable experience.”

“Kathy, my salesperson, was very thorough and extremely helpful. She went above and beyone to help me with the A-Plan and she also informed me about the Ambassador Rebate. She took the time to ensure that I received all the credits that I was entitled to.”

“I so appreciated the communication on the problem they found with my car and how effectively they were able to get the part and get it fixed in such a timely way, along with the rest of the service it required. The efforts that Rita and her team made to get my car ready for me was exceptional (particularly since I was leaving for a long driving trip!) The Gas N Go program is awesome and Lally’s delivers it with pride (unlike my experience with a different Ford Dealer.)”

“Lally Ford is a great dealership. I really appreciate the Gas ‘N Go service!”

“Rita is always a joy to deal with… she is very good at her job and always keeps my interest in tact. We had a loaner that we had to keep over the weekend and on Monday with the part did not show, she allowed us to keep it another day… Thanks for the great service Rita!!!”

“I love going to Lally Ford, they always take care of me”

“Lally was prompt in scheduling and completing my request.”

“Excellent service and great customer skills. Also our Sales Rep. Kathy Pluck is one of the greatest people to deal with goes above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied. Would not deal with anyone else.”

“Lally Ford does a great job servicing and keeping me in tune with the work done. They are concerned about making sure I can have the truck serviced on time including changing my heads up calls to have the truck serviced based on my changing driving habits. The total service package they suggested I include in the purchase is a wonderful choice making sure my truck is serviced by an expert on Ford trucks at no further cost. This was especially handy when I was off work for health reasons for months. I didn’t need to worry about budgeting to have the service done.”