Do I Have to Come Into the Dealership to Buy a Car?

Someone recently posed a question to one of the team members at Lally Ford, “Do I have to come into the dealership to buy a car?” And the answer, in short, is a resounding “No!”

Here at Lally Ford, your friendly Tilbury Ford dealer, we strive to provide exceptional customer service in any way we can and, thanks to our Travel Assist Program, we’ve added yet another weapon to our arsenal. Much like how Amazon will ship groceries directly to your door, we are happy to bring our inventory of new and used Fords directly to you. So feel free to sit back and relax, learn more about this incredible service we are able to provide, and then contact us so that we can get you into your new Ford.

Out-of-Town Buyers

We are motivated to get you into the Ford that is right for you, which often means getting to know you, and your needs, better. And while a phone call or email exchange may be able to provide the information, it lacks the personal touch that separates Lally Ford from other dealers, in Tilbury and beyond. Our Travel Assist Program allows us to cover your hotel expenses if you are coming from out of town, as well as covering your dinner, so that your sole focus can be on finding the right vehicle for you. We are very competitive here at Lally Ford; we don’t just want to be Ontario’s best Ford dealership, we want to be Canada’s best. Come visit Tilbury and surrounding areas while taking advantage of this great offer.

Going the Extra Distance

The purpose of the Travel Assist Program is to show that we are eager to go the extra distance to get you into one of our fine Ford vehicles. We know the importance of test driving your new Ford to make sure its the one for you — so we will bring the vehicle of your choice to your door so that you can feel confident behind the wheel of your potential purchase. Do you have a trade? We can have it appraised while you are on your test drive. Let us get the paperwork started for you beforehand, by filling out an online credit application, and we will do the rest. At Lally Ford we don’t want you to feel like the process of buying a new car is a pain; we want it to be fun, and we want you to get the right vehicle for your needs. We want the experience to be painless, so that the next time you are thinking about purchasing a vehicle, or know someone in the market, your first thought is Tilbury Ford.

We deliver our vehicles throughout Ontario, as far as Toronto and beyond to all points in-between Sudbury and Ottawa; with that being said we can always arrange a meeting point if you live further. After all, a passion for the automotive industry is what drives us at Lally Ford — sometimes very literally!

Again, the crew here at Lally Ford in Tilbury, Ontario, is dedicated to getting you into the right Ford for your needs no matter where you live. So inquire today regarding our Travel Assist Program and experience the benefits that come along with both the program, and our driven sales staff.