Travel Assist Program

Lally Ford’s Travel Assist Program

At Lally Ford, we believe that each customer shouldn’t be without a car. While it may be easy for some people to come to our Tilbury dealership, others aren’t as lucky with the distance. That’s why we offer our Travel Assist Program, so that you can get access to test drive any of our Ford vehicles without having to worry about travelling far distances to see us in person. We’re bringing the dealership to you!

Test Drives and Off-site Trade Appraisals

Lally Ford also offers off-site trade appraisals and test-drives so you can get everything done simultaneously. You can reach us by texting or calling for online credit applications, appraising your trade, or a drive back/swap. We can get the appraisal of the vehicle you might want to trade in done while you’re test driving one of ours—both at our dealership or at your door! We can meet you there, or meet you halfway. Whatever works for you. So if you’re outside of the Tilbury area, the only thing you need to worry about is not where or how, but when?

Out-of-Town Buyers

If you don’t want us to come to you, we’ll help you come to us! On top of long-distance test-drives, we also accommodate customers who’ve come a very long way out of town. If you’re travelling from outside of the province, you don‘t have to worry about overnight accommodations—we’ll take care of everything! We’ll cover your expenses on hotel and dinner and still bring the vehicle over to you. We know how hard it is to pass up on our great deals and sales, so why not let us help you take advantage of them?

Vehicle Delivery Services

Like we said, we’re bringing the dealership to you! Our travel assist program offers vehicle delivery services to your front door so you don’t have to struggle with making your way over to us.—we’ll even help you get started on the paperwork ahead of the drive! We deliver our vehicles to destinations as widespread as Toronto, Sudbury and Ottawa. If you’re also willing to meet at a halfway point within a 2 hour driving distance, we can work that out, too! Because you don’t need us to bring it for a test drive, you just want us to bring you the vehicle you want.

No matter the distance, Lally Ford will get you on the road—even if that means we’ll get there, too.